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    Louis Virtel is a writer, comedian, and Alex Trebek super-fan who achieved a life-long dream when he appeared on Jeopardy! last week. The wait was worth it. He didn’t win Final Jeopardy, but he did become one of the more memorable contestants in recent history after snapping the snappiest snap you’ve ever seen snapped. In a word, it was fabulous.

    Virtel does have one regret, though:

    As a kid growing up in the suburbs who venerated everything about Jeopardy!, I would’ve loved seeing an expressive gay contestant own his homosexuality as well as the buzzer. I’ll never get that chance again, but I take some comfort in having exhibited my sexual orientation through a few glaring clues. It just annoys me to settle for illustration when the correct response to heteronormativity is blatant acknowledgment of my own reality. (Via)

    snap gif


    He did, however, get a chance to shut down one homophobe on Twitter.

    (Via HitFix)

    jeopardy cruciblejoshuproxxsnap gifjeopardy cruciblejoshuproxxsnap gif

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    Alex Trebek Visits FOX News' "The Five"

    Getty Image

    When he’s not too busy showing Aaron Rodgers his sweet dance moves on Jeopardy!, television game show host Alex Trebek sometimes does time as a guest on other shows. The Canadian-American media personality stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Monday to chat with the renowned shock jock. As you can imagine, the conversation took a wild turn when Stern prodded Trebek about his wild side — or at least whether or not he has one.

    Turns out he does, since High Times was quick to note Trebek’s story about the first and only time he ever ate hash brownies and spent the entire weekend at a stranger’s house as a result.

    “I went to this party at a home in Malibu and I didn’t know the people who were hosting the party and they had hash brownies,” Trebek said. “I love chocolate, and I ate four or five hash brownies. The party was on a Friday night… I didn’t leave their home until Monday morning.”

    Trebek also mentioned the one and only time he tried cocaine, which a former accountant of his suggested he give a shot at a party in the ’80s. (Of course it was his accountant that used cocaine in the ’80s.) Despite the admissions, however, Trebek quickly swept away the possibility of his ever trying recreational drugs again.

    After assuring Stern that the story was no exaggeration, the iconic game show host went on a strange diatribe against drug use, calling drugs “highly overrated” and wondering why people would choose to do them.

    So does this mean “Edibles” will be a category on an episode of Jeopardy! next week? A “Daily Double,” perhaps? I’d bet good money Ken Jennings wouldn’t get any of the category’s questions right.

    Check out the full clip from the Howard Stern Show below:


    (Via High Times)

    Alex Trebek Visits FOX News'Alex Trebek Visits FOX News'"The Five"sumtexanguyAlex Trebek Visits FOX News'"The Five"

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    When it comes to pop culture rivalries, nothing is more fun than rooting for a person, product, or company that you feel is far superior to its most direct competition.

    I could go on and on with examples: iOS vs. Android, LeBron vs. Durant, Wolf of Wall Street vs. American Hustle, and the Coke vs. Pepsi rivalry, which, for most of us, has lasted decades. Other rivalries, however, have faded away over time, either because we stopped caring or because the products became obsolete. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce.

    Here are the 10 best rivalries that meant the most to us as kids:

    10. Transformers vs. GoBots

    We start our countdown with a beatdown. You may not be familiar with GoBots because, well, GoBots sucked. Introduced by Tonka in 1983, they were supposed to compete with Hasbro’s Transformers in the robot toy space, but they fizzled out after a few years. Transformers, on the other hand, eventually became a billion dollar movie franchise starring Megan Fox.

    Huge advantage: Transformers.

    9. Kool-Aid vs. Wyler’s

    Most people, when referring to flavor aid, simply refer to it as Kool-Aid. But for kids whose moms couldn’t afford Kool-Aid’s extravagant $.25 per package pricing to Wyler’s $.10, well, we also called it Kool-Aid, but we also knew better. We didn’t mention to our friends when they came over that they weren’t drinking the popular brand out of fear of being made fun of, but looking back, Mom made the right choice. The two brands tasted the same, and with the savings made by going with Wyler’s, she could maybe buy us something at the checkout line.

    Advantage: Wyler’s

    8. Trapper Keeper vs. Tabs

    Mead’s Trapper Keeper was way ahead of its time. With its heavy-duty material, you could pretty much do anything you wanted to it, and it wouldn’t break. Everyone wanted one, and pretty much everyone got one, which made it one of those rare fads that actually matched the hype. Tabs is known mostly for its jingle, which went, “Whatcha’ keepin’ tabs on? [Whatcha’ keepin’ tabs on?]” I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube for some reason, which means I may be making it up in my own head. Is this a fuzzy memory, or did it actually exist? Go to work, commenters. Find me that commercial.

    Advantage: Trapper Keeper

    7. Topps vs. Fleer

    Roger Clemens

    Getty Image

    Throughout the 1980s, there were three major trading card companies: Topps, Fleer, and Donruss. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, a few smaller companies like Score and Upper Deck joined the market, and by the mid-1990s, there were so many companies making trading cards that the entire market crashed and everyone’s collectibles became practically worthless. But for a short time, collecting baseball cards was a lot of fun, and for most of us, we were glad we were there before capitalism came and ruined it. Thanks a lot, adults. In my opinion, Topps will always be the gold standard for trading cards, so…

    Advantage: Topps

    6. JanSport vs. Eastpak

    Most people gravitated towards JanSport backpacks due to their popularity, but if comfort and superior styling was what you wished for, you’d go with Eastpak. Of course, the argument became moot about a decade ago after the two companies merged when Eastpak was bought by the same company that owned JanSport, but for 10 solid years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, these two brands made for one heck of a rivalry. I think I owned a couple of each back in the day, so this one gets a push.

    Advantage: None

    5. Nike vs. Reebok

    For those of us with moms who bought most of our shoes from Payless, No. 5 on this list could just as easily have been XJ900 vs. Pro Wings. But for the purposes of this exercise, we’ll go with the two top dogs. Nike had Michael Jordan and Mars Blackmon, Reebok had Shaq and John Wooden. Nike had air, Reebok had the pump. Nike had the swoosh, Reebok had… whatever it is that logo is called. Because we don’t know for sure, this one’s easy.

    Advantage: Nike

    4. Classic Concentration vs. The Price Is Right

    Summer mornings or sick days off from school always meant the same thing, watching game shows. For me, the best of the bunch were Classic Concentration and The Price Is Right. Being that both shows had legends as hosts in Alex Trebek and Bob Barker, you knew you weren’t simply wasting away your morning. I think I enjoyed Concentration more, but because TPIR is still going strong, I’m giving it the nod.

    Slight Advantage: The Price Is Right

    3. Gatorade vs. Powerade

    I debated putting Sunny “D” vs. Purple Stuff here, but because that rivalry never made it very far, we’re going with Gatorade vs. Powerade. To me, this was really the Nike vs. Reebok of sports drinks (and All-Sport was Fila?). I remember when Powerade first came on the market in the late 1980s, and people were confident that it would be Coke’s answer to Gatorade in the sports drink space. Some of my friends even claimed to like it. I think they were just being nice. This one’s my easiest choice so far; I want to be like Mike.

    Advantage: Gatorade

    2. Hot Wheels vs. Micro Machines

    Hot Wheels had the market share, but Micro Machines had the fast-talking pitch man. Hot Wheels had the cool accessories, but Micro Machines had the fast-talking pitch man. Hot Wheels were more fun to play with, but Micro Machines had the fast-talking pitch man.

    Advantage: Hot Wheels in every discernible way, except, well, that pitch man

    1. Nintendo vs. Sega

    The No. 1 rivalry is in the top spot because it spawned a number of sub-categories within the cartridge gaming space. For instance, once NES vs. Sega Master System got underway, it eventually led to Game Boy vs. Game Gear, Mario vs. Sonic, Nintendo Power vs. Sega Power, and the Nintendo 64 vs. Sega Dreamcast. This was truly the iOS vs. Android of its day, with Nintendo getting the market share like iOS, but Sega getting the street cred like Android. It was a back-and-forth rivalry that lasted for more than a decade, probably until Sony came out with its original PlayStation and blew them both out of the water. But damn if it wasn’t fun while it lasted.

    Advantage: Nintendo

    Honorable mention: MTV vs. VH1, which didn’t make the cut because they weren’t technically rivals, although we treated them as such; and Betamax vs. VHS, but only because Betamax has been through enough. R.I.P., Old Friends.

    sega-nintendo-brands1happystreetsega-nintendo-brandsRoger Clemenssega-nintendo-brands1happystreetsega-nintendo-brandsRoger Clemens

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    Getty Image

    Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective premieres on Sunday. The second iteration of Nick Pizzolatto’s serial drama focuses on a string of murders connected to the vast transportation system in the Los Angeles area. It stars Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, and Colin Farrell’s mustache.

    That little critter hugging Farrell’s upper lip is nothing short of mesmerizing. It stole our attention when the trailer dropped, and it’s sure to steal every scene it’s in during the show’s forthcoming eight-episode run. If there aren’t at least three scenes where Farrell’s got donut crumbs stuck in that thing, there’s no way True Detective should qualify for awards consideration.

    What about the #FarrellStache, though? Will it qualify, when all is said and done, for inclusion among the most iconic mustaches in television history? Time will tell, but here’s a look at the great ones that Farrell is unwittingly up against.

    Nick Offerman



    Of all the mustaches in the TV history, Offerman’s is the most likely to smell like bacon. His flavor saver not only fit his Parks and Recreation character like a glove, but it propelled Offerman’s career into a different plane of existence as he became an authority figure on masculinity.

    Alex Trebek

    High Rollers

    Getty Image

    The most distinguished of all the mustaches to grace our televisions is without a doubt the lip broom of longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. It gets bonus points for longevity and for evolving over time. What started out as a full-on porn mustache morphed into something you’d expect to see on your sommelier.

    Dennis Franz

    1999 Dennis Franz star in year 6 of the tv series "NYPD Blue."

    Getty Image

    I’m pretty sure the whole point of Franz’s mustache was to give other actors something to focus on during Andy Sipowicz’s classic tirades on NYPD Blue. Plus, this lip sweater looked particularly magnificent in juxtaposition to the baby faces of David Caruso and Zack Morris.

    Ned Flanders



    No one does dadcore harder than Homer’s Bible-thumpin’ next door neighbor. Of all the mustaches in the history of television, one could argue that Flanders’ caterpillar is the fullest and most consistent. We probably wouldn’t recognize him without it.

    Gabe Kaplan

    Gabe Kaplan In 'Welcome Back Kotter'

    Getty Image

    Everyone knows that you can’t mentor Sweathogs unless you prove that you can grow a conversation piece on your upper lip. Especially if you’re going to open with a Groucho Marx impersonation on your first day. Next to young John Travolta’s flippant expressions and Farrah Fawcett hair, Kaplan’s ‘stache is the most important fixture on Welcome Back, Kotter.

    Sherman Hemsley

    The Jeffersons

    Getty Image

    What is there to say about Helmsley’s mustache that hasn’t already been said about George Jefferson’s attitude? It’s animated, it’s memorable and it was a fixture on CBS for more than a decade.

    Tom Selleck

    Magnum In London

    Getty Image

    Selleck’s porn ‘stache in Magnum P.I. is so iconic that an introduction seems gratuitous. His mouth brow became a sex symbol in and of itself, so much so that it probably should have been listed in the show’s opening credits. They simply don’t make mustaches like his nowadays.

    Dr. Phil

    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno-Dr. Phil McGraw

    Getty Image

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but there’s just something comforting about the broom growing on Dr. Phil’s upper lip. There’s never really a non-creepy way to talk about tweens getting plastic surgery, but if he’s dispensing life advice and teaching people how to deal with their cheating spouses, the ‘stache helps infinitely.

    John Ratzenberger



    Every bar needs at least one mustachioed gentleman downing domestics on the regular. Cliff was that guy on Cheers, and that was especially fitting because he was also a mailman, and mustaches just look like they belong on mailmen. You can’t argue with science, people.

    Bryan Cranston



    Heisenberg is most fondly remembered for his bald head and goatee combo, but his transformation “from Mr. Chips to Scarface” wouldn’t have been possible without the quivering whiskers on Cranston’s lip in the show’s early goings.

    Honorable Mentions

    Steve Harvey

    John Slattery on Mad Men

    Longtime Philadelphia news anchor Jim Gardner

    Ted Lange on The Loveboat

    farrell-offermanmike5113berthacolin-farrell_GettyMustacheRonSwansonHigh Rollers1999 Dennis Franz star in year 6 of the tv series farrell-offermanmike5113berthacolin-farrell_GettyMustacheRonSwansonHigh Rollers1999 Dennis Franz star in year 6 of the tv series "NYPD Blue."ned-flandersGabe Kaplan In 'Welcome Back Kotter'The JeffersonsMagnum In LondonThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno-Dr. Phil McGrawMustacheCliffMustacheWalterWhite

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    I live in West Philadelphia. When people discover this fact about me, they usually make some joke about me spending my days on the playground or guys that are up to no good making trouble in my neighborhood. What a perfectly hilarious and original joke that doesn’t get funnier every time I hear it!

    Having said that, Alex Trebek can rap the Fresh Prince theme song to me any time he wants, as he did on last night’s Jeopardy! It was amazing. Give this man his own Jeopardy! spin-off karaoke game show already.

    (Via USA Today)


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    Forget the summer of George. It’s the summer of Alex.

    The Jeopardy! host continued his tradition of singing hip-hop songs with this wonderful rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”


    Alex TrebekisaacandAlex Trebekisaacand

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    alex trebek, jeopardy

    Getty Image

    For over 30 years now, Alex Trebek has been a constant presence in our homes as the host of Jeopardy, where he acts as the world’s most lovable know-it-all. In that time, contestants have given him some pretty funny responses. Since Trebek celebrated his 75th birthday this week, it seemed like the perfect time to look at some of the funniest responses of all. Granted, none of these reach the heights of Turd Ferguson or Sean Connery on SNL, but in that they’re unintentional laughs, it’s just a little sweeter.

    When Ken Jennings gave this amusing response:

    Ken Jennings is mostly known for being the most successful Jeopardy contestant of all-time (and having a great Twitter feed), but he’ll also be remembered for giving us this classic moment. The question involves a name for a gardening tool that can also describe an “immoral pleasure seeker.” The correct answer is “rake,” but frankly Ken’s answer is far more amusing, and really, just as accurate.

    When this contestant made things super awkward:

    This really, really uncomfortable moment came early this year. In common law, the age of this is accepted to be 14 in boys and 12 girls. The answer is puberty, but when Tom, the contestant in the middle, guesses the age of consent (he thinks it’s 12 for girls?!), the awkwardness in the room is palpable. Admittedly, Jeopardy is a fast-paced game, so this was likely just a contestant struggling to think fast on his feet rather than a pervert. Didn’t make his answer any less unfortunate, though.

    This hilarious answer to a question about the Pope:

    Here’s your Final Jeopardy clue: Pope III roared at him, “I’ve waited 30 years for your services, now I’m Pope. Can’t I satisfy my desire.” The correct answer was Michelangelo, but when one contestant jokingly guesses Lady Godiva, Alex thoroughly cracks up. Hey, if you don’t know the answer, why not make a joke?

    When only one contestant made it to the final round:

    As Jeopardy fans know, if you’re in the red after Double Jeopardy, you don’t get to go on to Final Jeopardy. Well, in this game, that happened to two different contestants, one of whom had a Sean Connery-worthy score of -$6,800. This meant that for the final round, there’s only one contestant left. And she got the question wrong! This might have been the single saddest game in Jeopardy history.

    This audacious answer from the Jeopardy Teen Tournament:

    It’s final round of the Teen Tournament, and after being given a question about the Normandy invasion, the contestant in the lead doesn’t even bother answering. With a commanding lead, he simply writes: “I just won $75,000!” while betting nothing. The fact that he actually still could have been caught at that point makes his answer even more bold.

    alex trebek, jeopardyjohnnysugaralex trebek, jeopardyalex trebek, jeopardyjohnnysugaralex trebek, jeopardy

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    On Wednesday evening, a Jeopardy! contestant named Talia won the hearts of the internet with her Final Jeopardy answer “What is the Love Ballad of Turd Ferguson?” referencing Norm Macdonald’s swaggering Saturday Night Live impersonation of Burt Reynolds to a straight-faced Alex Trebek and laughter-stifling audience. As we pointed out last night, it was “one of the finest moments in the history of this or any other game show.” But it gets even better because the reason why Trebek didn’t have a reaction to the joke was because Alex Trebek does not know who Turd Ferguson is.

    How is this even possible? How could someone be so blissfully unaware of a beloved series of sketches based on the game show they’ve hosted for over 30 years? E! News tracked down Talia, whose last name is Levin, to speak with her about her now-viral appearance, and she dropped this bombshell:

    “He was really deadpan and then actually afterwards there is this moment when Alex talks to the contestants, and he asked me who Turd Furgeson was.”

    “I was like, ‘They are from the SNL skits about you.’ He has seen them, but said, ‘I haven’t seen them in a number of years’ and I was like, ‘If I were you I would watch them every day.’ I was like, ‘Come on Trebek.’ He just shook my hand… So I don’t think he got the joke.”

    Okay, that was clearly a quick save on Trebek’s part, because if he had watched the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketches, I’m pretty sure he would remember that. Oh my god, please, future Jeopardy! contestants out there, say you’ll take “the rapists” for $200. I promise getting kicked off of Jeopardy! will be worth it.

    (Via E! News)


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    John Oliver took some liberties while onstage at Sunday evening’s Emmys ceremony. Oliver presented the award for Directing in a Special Movie or Limited series, but first took a moment to fire some amusing shots at Alex Trebek:

    “A limited series is, of course, a series that only runs for a limited time. Although, let’s be honest. Pretty much every series is a limited series. Every show on television will go off the air eventually with the sole exception of Jeopardy! And I’ll tell you why. The sun could burn out, humanity could flee to another galaxy, and time as we know it could cease to exist, but Alex Trebek will still be there, scolding librarians from Ames, Iowa, to answer in the form of a question and passive-aggressively insulting their hobbies. So really, he’s a people person. So really, this isn’t so much a category as it is an elaborate way to exclude Jeopardy! from winning yet another Emmy. The last sound emitted from Earth will be a Trebek sigh.”

    Poor Trebek, who has hosted the show since 1984, is enduring quite a week. First, a diabolical Jeopardy! contestant tricked him into saying “Turd Ferguson.” Now this. Trebek will recover, but in the meantime, Twitter is loving this newly found feud.


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    The last time we played this “Phone Booth” trivia game on The Tonight Show, Kevin Spacey took on Jimmy Fallon and ended up being trapped with a wide selection of guest stars, including NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, Mae Whitman, and Big Bird. It must’ve been a success because it came back tonight with Shaq and Hugh Jackman stepping inside the booth for some trivia.

    This time around, we have Alex Trebek guest starring, but one in particular caught my interest. That’d be Mr. Met, or “Mr. Mets” as noted Yankee fan Jimmy Fallon seemed to feel like doing. Either he really didn’t know what the classic mascot’s name was, or he was just being a typical jerk. Mr. Met is a national treasure, and you don’t invite him on your show and then slap him in the face by calling him the wrong name. Next thing you know, Jimmy is going to be hitting on Mrs. Met and attempting to ruin a loving relationship that has already seen many ups and downs. They were lucky to have made it out of the 2007 season intact.

    Not cool, Fallon. Not cool at all. I hope George S. Moneybags, the Yankees mascot, falls down a flight of stairs now.

    (Via The Tonight Show)

    Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.13.03 AMandrewuproxxScreen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.13.03 AMandrewuproxx

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    Meet Matt Jackson, a 23-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C. who is currently crushing the competition in a nine-day winning streak on Jeopardy, and likely not going anywhere anytime soon. In a profile posted to Jeopardy‘s website this week, Jackson says he was encouraged to try out for the show by his friend Sam Spaulding, who finished second place in the 2010 College Championship, winning $50,000.

    Aside from being a scrupulous and cutthroat player — Uproxx Jeopardy fan Andy Isaac says he might be one of the top 10 players he’s ever seen on the show — Jackson is getting attention for other reasons. Namely, his super creepy smile every time the cameras pan in on him (as well as penchant for holding up the number of fingers as wins he’s accumulated). Behold:

    Jackson’s smile quickly became so notorious that he quickly became noticed by Joel McHale and The Soup, which poked fun at the red hot player last week:

    But Jackson isn’t just a creepy smile! He’s also known for his sick finishing moves, as demonstrated by these clips. BOOM!

    For these reasons and more, Matt Jackson has made the ascension to bona fide viral celebrity, and the internet can’t get enough of the guy.

    May his reign be long and prosperous!


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    "Jeopardy!" & IBM Man V. Machine Press Conference

    Getty Image

    The long-running game show Jeopardy! has long been a source of brain-busting challenges to the armchair intellectual as well as background noise by which geriatric viewers may fall asleep. With every approaching spring, eager academic-trivia junkies ready their clicking fingers and bone up on their Spanish history in anticipation of another round of online testing to determine who is worthy of the great honor and privilege of competing on Jeopardy! But this year, a new regulation will bar a huge faction of hopefuls from throwing their hats into the virtual ring. The producers of Jeopardy! have officially banned all Canadians from entering the online-testing phase of the audition, though it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

    Anti-Canadian prejudices are not at the heart of this decision — or at least that’s what the suits behind the show would have us believe. The Toronto Star reports that international online security laws have complicated the testing process, and that the American production company behind Jeopardy! is concerned about complying with their northern neighbors’ stringent security regulations. Naturally, this news has been received less than warmly by the know-it-alls of Canada, who feel unfairly cheated of their shot at the big time. Host Alexander Trebek, himself a native of Ontario, described this new kerfuffle to the Ottawa Citizen as “an issue affecting my native country and the show I love,” which is, objectively speaking, true.

    The nascent field of cyber-law will most likely be one of the most significant issues of the coming century, and that’ll affect entertainment as it will everything else. This is a minor expression of that, and the legal team at Jeopardy! will most likely be able to resolve this quickly and in doing so, obscure the roiling culture of anti-Canadian sentiment at the Jeopardy! offices. Even so, this must be annoying for Canadians. I’ll take “Further Downsides of Not Being American” for $200, Alex!

    (Via Toronto Star)

    Now Watch: Steve Harvey Can’t Even With The Worst Family Feud Contestant Ever

    "Jeopardy!"& IBM Man V. Machine Press Conferencebramescocharles1"Jeopardy!"& IBM Man V. Machine Press Conference

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    Something truly wonderful is going to happen on Jeopardy! in late May. “Wait a minute,” you’re probably thinking. “Is this an election year? Does that mean…” YES, a special edition of Celebrity Jeopardy! all about politics and the media will be coming to a television set, computer screen and GIF-filled listicle near you. Why? Because among the notable cable news anchors, politicians and celebrities who will be in attendance during the program’s Power Players Week, none other than Louis C.K. will take his place with the contestants.

    According to a press release, the anti-Canadian quiz show will feature 15 famous people during the week of May 16-20. The episodes, which will all tape on April 9 at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., will feature three players each, and each one will be playing for a different charity. The roster includes:

    • Kate Bolduan, host of CNN’s At This Hour
    • Louis C.K., comedian
    • Jonathan Capeheart, journalist at the Washington Post
    • Anderson Cooper, host of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°
    • S.E. Cupp, conservative commentator
    • Al Franken, U.S. Senator (D-Minnesota)
    • Jonathan Franzen, author
    • David Gregory, political analyst for CNN
    • Melissa Harris-Perry, professor and former television host for MSNBC
    • Sunny Hostin, senior legal correspondent for ABC News
    • Lara Logan, correspondent for 60 Minutes
    • Ana Navarro, Republican strategist
    • Michael Steele, former RNC chair and political analyst for MSNBC
    • Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press
    • Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

    Since the email listed the contestants alphabetically, there’s no way to tell which two contestants Louis will be paired up with. Yet whomever the 48-year-old comedian ends up playing Celebrity Jeopardy! with doesn’t matter. What matters most is that one of them says something really dumb…

    louis ck jeopardy gif 1


    Followed by something just as dumb from the other contestant…

    louis ck jeopardy gif 2


    Too bad Donald Trump‘s go-to spokesperson, Katrina Pierson wasn’t included in the mix. Even so, this is going to be so much fun.

    louis-CK-uproxx-celebrity-jeopardy-politicssumtexanguylouis-CK-uproxx-celebrity-jeopardy-politicslouis ck jeopardy gif 1louis ck jeopardy gif 2louis-CK-uproxx-celebrity-jeopardy-politicssumtexanguylouis-CK-uproxx-celebrity-jeopardy-politicslouis ck jeopardy gif 1louis ck jeopardy gif 2

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    buzzy cohen jeopardy


    When Ken Jennings was dominating on Jeopardy, the world cheered him on. He was funny, he was our last (failed) hope against the robot uprising, he was, and remains, the man. But most of all, he was not Buzzy Cohen, one of the more polarizing contestants in the game show’s long history.

    Cohen, a recording industry executive from Los Angeles, has an eight-day winning streak going on Jeopardy, and it hasn’t even been close. His reign began in April, when he conquered his closest competitor by $5,000. By game four, Cohen was doubling the winnings of his fellow contestants, and having fun doing it. He wrote “what is, see you tomorrow, Trebek” during one Final Jeopardy, and “who is, you aren’t rid of me yet, Trebek” during another.

    buzzy cohen jeopardy trebek


    Cohen told the Wrap, “The thing that people don’t realize is that, when I went into my audition, the one thing that the contestant coordinator said was, ‘It’s a game show — have fun.’ So that’s what I’m doing.” Except his having fun could easily be mistaken for smugness (he’s not all business, like Margaret Miles), which is why Twitter is so torn over whether they’re pro- or anti-Buzzy.

    I can’t wait until the Coen Brothers turn his life into a movie.

    (Via the Wrap)

    buzzy cohen jeopardy trebekjoshuproxxbuzzy cohen jeopardybuzzy cohen jeopardy trebekbuzzy cohen jeopardy trebekjoshuproxxbuzzy cohen jeopardybuzzy cohen jeopardy trebek

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    Sometimes game show contestants are the only truly funny people on television. Case in point: Becky Sullivan, a contestant on an episode of “Jeopardy!”, couldn't think of the right answer to a Final Jeopardy! clue about flowers. Her response might be the funniest answer in the show's history.

    The clue: “The flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left.”

    Sullivan's guess: “What is a pansy?”

    Nope. But worthy of some Hall Of Fame recognition, alongside that Turd Ferguson reference a couple months ago and a certain reference to “Kinky Boots” before that.


    Here are ten other excellent Final Jeopardy! responses that at least deserved some pity money.


    0 0

    Oh, how we laughed when Alex Trebek faced an endless parade of verbal abuse in SNL‘s mega-popular Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches. LOOK AT HIM JUST STAND THERE AND TAKE TURD FERGUSON’S ABUSE! Well, on the non-SNL version of Jeopardy! (civilian edition), Alex Trebek will roast what you hold dear with zero hoots given.

    The clip nestled above features contestant Susan Cole chatting with Trebek during the standard getting to know the players segment. Cole’s bit of talk centered around her love of nerdcore. On the off-chance Trebek doesn’t make a habit of blasting Schäffer the Darklord in his dressing room, Cole provided a general explanation of the boxes “nerdcore” ticks.

    “(The genre features) rapping about the things they love. Video games, science-fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners,” offered Cole. “It’s really catchy and fun.”

    Trebek’s response was hilariously merciless and it’s best to let him deliver it. In case you were wondering, viewers definitely took notice. Reactions ranged from disappointment to delight with everyone agreeing that the dude is ruthless.

    If you’re feeling bad for Susan Cole, there’s a silver lining. She crushed her competition and won decisively with a one-day total of $20,600.

    (Via The Jeopardy! Fan)


    0 0

    Usually when Jeopardy veers into rap for whatever reason, the contestants just stare into the ether while they wait for the buzzer to go off. This is not the case when Drake is involved. Nope, when the 6 God was the question to the answer “This Canadian rapped, ‘Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to somethin’, uh uh uh think I need some Robitussin” and the response was immediate.

    George grabbing a couple hundred bucks for knowing Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive hit “Jumpman” wasn’t the highlight of this video though. That honor goes to host Alex Trabek having to actually rap the lyrics, which will surely lead to someone syncing that with the beat, making the hilarious mock-up that we all need in our lives.

    It was a rendition sure to get a chuckle out of Drizzy, and another case of Alex flexing his rap knowledge to the world. Who could forget him calling nerd-core rap a bunch of “losers” earlier this month?

    Between Alex, this grandma, President Barack Obama and Taylor Swift we should have more than enough voices for one of those mega-mixes that make exactly know sense but are hilarious nonetheless.


    0 0

    Alex Trebek is 76. He has hosted Jeopardy! since the 1980s and has said that he’ll host the show until he no longer enjoys doing it. Odds are when Trebek decides to retire, he doesn’t exactly plan on moving on and doing anything else.

    But boy howdy, did Trebek show us on Monday night that he can spit hot fire. One category on Jeopardy! was “Let’s Rap, Kids!” It involved Trebek reading rap lyrics to contestants. The songs broke down thusly:

    • $200: “Started From The Bottom” by Drake
    • $400: “Famous” by Kanye West
    • $600: “m.A.A.d. City” by Kendrick Lamar
    • $800: “6 Foot 7 Foot” by Lil Wayne
    • $1,000: “Panda” by Desiigner

    Now here’s the thing: I can say over and over again that this is funny. The concept of Trebek monotonously saying “young money militia and I am the commissioner / you don’t wanna start Weezy cuz the F is for ‘Finisher'” or “but we still hood famous / yeah we still hood famous” sounds unquestionably hilarious in theory.

    But it is impossible to put into words how amazing this is in practice. Trebek is essentially everyone’s television father – just this omnipotent old man who exists solely to let people know that they’re either not good enough or the best at what they do, all with a cold and icy demeanor that has become one of his signatures.

    So please, watch all of these and enjoy Trebek uncomfortably rapping songs that he’s probably never heard before. Jeopardy! has done rap stuff in the past (including having Trebek recite a different Drake song), but this was undoubtedly its final moment. Let’s have this become a weekly occurrence, ABC. Or just have Trebek drop the most fire mixtape of 2017. That would also work.


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    Family Feud has made generating instantly shared game show moments look like child’s play. Just get someone (maybe a dopey midwesterner) to shout something about sex at an unexpected time, let Steve Harvey react and all of those magical internet dollars come rolling in. Still, Jeopardy! continues to deliver when it comes to game show magic. Whether it’s low-key middle fingers or Alex Trebek as a septuagenarian MC, Jeopardy! is no slouch. That status was reaffirmed with this week’s College Championship finale.

    The MIT sweater sporting Lilly Chen earned the tournament’s crown and a $100,000 prize for efforts, but it was her final response to clinch the title that’s earning all the attention. Boasting a healthy lead, Chen was presented with the following Final Jeopardy! test: “Astronomer who began his epitaph, ‘I used to measure the heavens, now I shall measure the shadows of Earth.’”

    Chen, who wagered zero, answered appropriately. “Who is the Spiciest Memelord?”

    The written response came with a wager of $0 and the satisfaction of knowing that victory (both financial and memewise) was attained. We have the visual evidence tucked above in the traditional YouTube rectangle if you’d like to soak in the magic and see a game show host with his mind on the Lakers try to unpack what’s just happened. Superb.


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    Jeopardy kids winner

    That happy young man in the above banner image is Skyler Hornback, a 7th grader from Kentucky and now one of the all-time biggest single-show winners in Jeopardy! history with his incredibly gutsy performance on tonight’s edition of Kids Week. Hornback fancies himself a bit of an expert and enthusiast when it comes to Abraham Lincoln, so as he pondered how much of his $36,600 in winnings that he’d be willing to wager on Final Jeopardy!, he felt pretty comfortable writing down $30,000 when he saw that the category was “Civil War.”

    And the clue?

    Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, “A fit and necessary war measure”

    That’s not even fair. Obviously, Hornback guessed the correct answer of the Emancipation Proclamation, and he cemented his place in Kids Week history with his $66,600 victory.

    Alas, all was not well with tonight’s episode of Jeopardy!. We’re told by a tipster, as well as a buzz on the Tweeters, that one of the other two contestants was told that he had an incorrect answer because he misspelled Emancipation Proclamation. Now, I’m no big city slicker expert on the rules and such of Jeopardy!, but I was under the impression that if the answer was close enough, the judges would accept it. I may be wrong, but until I can find a good video of the entire Final Jeopardy! segment – you can see the dejected young man in the beginning of this rough clip – I think we should all argue about it as if it’s the most important issue in the world.

    Jeopardy kids winnerashleyuproxxJeopardy kids winnerJeopardy kids winnerashleyuproxxJeopardy kids winner


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