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Alex Trebek Suffers Mild Heart Attack, Judges Refuse to Accept the News


Pictured: Total fashion domination

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek suffered a mild heart attack over the weekend, throwing my entire world into a state of flux. I was filled with a ton of terrifying questions, including (but not limited to): “Is he OK?!,” “[gulps] What if he’s not?,” “What if he has to leave the show?,” “Who would replace him if he does?,” and “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Luckily for all of us, Trebek appears to be OK. A producer for the show at Sony Pictures TV released a statement yesterday saying that the 71-year-old host was in good spirits and resting comfortably, and that he is expected to return as host when they begin filming the 29th season in July. Phew. Bullet dodged. For now.

Alex Trebek isn’t getting any younger, so the day when he hands over the reins to “Jeopardy!” is probably coming sooner than later. But the good news here is that he appears to have battled off this health scare, and he will continue owning Pat Sajak’s sh-t as a syndicated game show host for at least another year. All in all, this is a positive, as expressed below in the GIF featuring Warming Glow’s favorite “Jeopardy!” champion, Pat Antle.


Image via Shutterstock, GIF via @dhm

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Last Night’s ‘Jeopardy’ Chit Chats Got Dark


Back in April I did a Q&A with Jeopardy champion Pat Antle, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been a fan of the show for years and years, so it was incredibly cool to hear some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on there. One of the more informative exchanges involved the comically awkward chit chats that host Alex Trebek does with the contestant coming out of the first commercial break.

Here is the relevant excerpt:

One of my favorite parts of Jeopardy is the segment where Alex Trebek asks the contestants to tell a personal anecdote. These are almost always painfully uncomfortable, and it delights me to no end. You actually managed to tell an interesting story when you were on, about a karate-related mishap. How did you figure out which stories to tell, and what, if any guidance, did the people at the show give you?

When you are selected for the show, you are asked to send five “interesting” stories in with your paperwork. You repeatedly go over those stories with the contestant coordinators in order to flesh out what you might say on camera, improve your delivery, and decide on your preferred story. During the taping, Alex Trebek starts the conversation based on one of the five stories. I repeat — Alex Trebek decides which story will be discussed, on the spot. ON THE SPOT. That is why it is so awkward — you might not be prepared for what he asks. For example, I told two stories, neither of which were my preferred story (Which was a great one about my hairdresser mom being ashamed of my horrible early-90′s mushroom cut after a picture of me appeared in the local paper. I even had the picture — it’s AWFUL.). So you take a group of people who aren’t necessarily the most charismatic, put them in the most nerve-racking situation imaginable, surprise them with unexpected prompts, and get television magic.

I bring all that up again because (a) I am very shameless and will use any excuse I can to link back to things I’ve done, and (b) last night’s episode featured one of the darkest stories I’ve ever heard them use (although nothing will ever touch the lady who talked about running over a family of turtles — I think it was turtles, but I may be too scarred to recall it properly — on the Autobahn). Keep in mind while watching this that this is the story Trebek chose out of five options (UPDATE: Now with better video, courtesy of @bubbaprog.)

This is my impression of me listening to that story: “Uh huh… right … OK… uh huh…the car … yeah …and then … … … … um… … … …

Hoo boy.

via @ScottAukerman

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Death To The 'Jeopardy!' Teen Tournament


I have written about my love of Jeopardy! on more than a few occasions. In the world of television game shows, there are none smarter and more enjoyable to watch with a group (mostly because it is fun to shout out correct answers like an insufferable dork and make your friends feel stupid). But every year the show holds a Teen Tournament, and it is a God-awful, youth-pandering mess. Case in point: This screencap of the categories from last night’s opening round, which spelled out the chorus of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ubiquitous summer single, “Call Me Maybe.” They use puns and wordplay on Jeopardy! proper sometimes, and I know they tape well in advance, but this was just painful, and it needs to stop.

To clarify: My issue is not with having teenagers on the show. Most of the kids are smart as hell, which, yeah, fine, can be a little infuriating when they know the answers to questions that I don’t, but that’s not so much a critique of the show as it is me being a very small, jealous person who resents the success of others. My issue is the way the show dumbs itself down and tries to be cutesy-wutesy with the contestants in a manner that is insulting to everyone involved. Do you remember how awkward it felt back when you were a teenager and your aunt had a little too much to drink at Thanksgiving and tried to talk to you about AOL or texting, or tried to do “The Macarena” on the coffee table? It’s like that, but now Alex Trebek is your aunt, and he is doing it to you on television.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m overreacting? Allow me to present Exhibit B. After a Final Jeopardy question that referenced Korean rapper Psy (which means they didn’t film it that far in advance, and makes the “Call Me Maybe” board even more pathetic), Alex Trebek — Alex. Trebek. — did the “Gangnam Style” horsey dance. Please see below.

I repeat: Death to the Teen Tournament.

(Screencap via EW, GIF via Guyism)

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COUNTERPOINT: Long Live The 'Jeopardy!' Teen Tournament


Yesterday afternoon, on this very website, some cranky dingus ranted about the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament and called for its death. “WAH,” he said. “Everything is dumbed down, and sometimes they reference popular music, and the other night — AND YOU WON’T EVEN BELIEVE THIS PART — Alex Trebek even danced. It’s horrible and I hate it. WAH WAH WAH.” Two things became abundantly clear upon reading this whiny manifesto: One, the writer needs a life, or a hobby, or something, because devoting hundreds of angry words to a syndicated game show is kind of sad. And two, he was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

You see, on last night’s episode of the Teen Tournament, less than six hours after that post went up, something amazing happened. Something I’ve never seen before. All three contestants wagered everything in Final Jeopardy, and all three of them got the answer wrong, and they all finished with zero dollars. Zero dollars. And since no one finished with anything, Alex Trebek had to dust off the Jeopardy! rulebook, which stated that none of them got to advance, and two contestants from another episode would move on. To recap: They competed for half an hour, through three rounds of questions, then everyone tied for last and went home empty-handed. It was easily one of the goofiest things I’ve ever seen on the show, and I wish it would happen more often because the look on Trebek’s face was priceless.

Long live the Teen Tournament.

Image via

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Alex Trebek Is Now A Guinness World Record Holder


Guinness World Records have finally tapped Alex Trebek to join the upper echelon of world record holders. Trebek now garners the record for “most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter” for being the face of Jeopardy! for over 6,829 episodes. Trebek has gone through numerous phases and transformations since taking on the show in 1984, but now he can add record holder to his list of accomplishments. From Deadline:

”It’s a quality program that I never have to apologize for when I meet people,” said Trebek about his tenure, while noting that the record isn’t a lifetime achievement, “It’s the kind of record that can be replaced by someone else in a few years. There might be another host that comes along who will out do me if he or she is on a program that turns out to be as popular as Jeopardy!”

I think that’s a bit modest of him to say. I have a hard time picturing someone else hosting the show at this point and I don’t really believe the market for game shows is as big as it once was in those days. It’s Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune holding steady while the rest sort of bob up and down in relevancy.

Congratulations, Trebek. Your mother would be proud. Just don’t celebrate too hard.

(via Guinness World Records)

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If You’re Going To Lose On ‘Jeopardy,’ Lose With Style Like This Guy Did


The answer: “In 1891, this European said, ‘Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your Congresses’.” The question: who is, I dunno, John Lennon? The final question on last night’s Jeopardy! wasn’t easy, and none of the contestants got it right. But one did write down something cocky that left Alex Trebek completely…unfazed. He’s been through nearly 7,000 of these — nothing surprises him. If only the answer had been, “He’s known for his deadly herpes and explosive diarrhea.”

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Alex Trebek’s Favorite Alex Trebek Impression And Other Things You May Not Know About The Game Show Host


Getty Image

Alex Trebek is bigger than Jeopardy! at this point. In the hierarchy of game show hosts, it’s him and then Bob Barker and Pat Sajak a little further down. Maybe one day there will be room at that table of game show kings for Steve Harvey, but his mustache is going to need to put in at least another 20 years. Many of us only know Alex Trebek from his hosting spot on Jeopardy!, but he had been involved with nearly a dozen other game shows before he took over Jeopardy!’s hosting duties from Art Fleming in 1984.

Trebek turns 74 today, and from his recent series of interviews, it doesn’t look like he plans on stopping anytime soon. Here are ten facts that back up his status as a game show legend.

1.He nearly hosted Jeopardy! without wearing pants. Three of Jeopardy!’s contestants had planned to do the show without pants to relieve some stress — or at least that’s what the producers told Trebek. Trebek showed his lighter side walking onto the show’s set sans pants, even though none of the contestants had the guts to go through with the stunt.

2. He chased a thief down after he found her rummaging through his stuff. Three years ago, Alex Trebek was staying at a San Francisco hotel when he woke up to find a woman in his hotel room stealing his belongings. Trebek said that he put his underwear on and chased her down the hallway, snapping his Achilles tendon in the process. So not only did the world learn that one cannot steal from Alex Trebek and simply stroll away from the crime, but also that Trebek sleeps in the buff.

3. He prefers Eugene Levy’s impression of him over Will Ferrell’s. The best-known impression of Trebek is Ferrell’s punching bag to Sean Connery on SNL, but it’s not Trebek’s favorite. Trebek actually prefers the old SCTV parody done by Eugene Levy.

4. Alan Thicke gave Trebek his first job in America. To today’s youth he’s just a Wikipedia blip as the father of Robin Thicke, but to my generation he will always be Mike Seaver’s father — he also happens to be the guy who gave Trebek his American break. Alan Thicke was a producer in the 1970s on the game show Wizard of Odds and what can only be chalked up to as one Canadian helping another Canadian steal jobs from American game show hosts, recommended Trebek for the hosting gig.

5. You should be jealous of his work schedule. Trebek has it made in terms of his salary vs. work schedule. He films Jeopardy! just two days a week, coming in at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the production meeting, then knocking out a few trivia questions, and wrapping the day by 6. At the end of the day he’s raking in $10 million a year for roughly 24 hours of work a week.

Jeopardy! Power Players Week

Getty Image

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Celebrate Alex Trebek’s Birthday With The Worst Impressions From SNL’s ‘Jeopardy!’


Getty Image

Birthday boy Alex Trebek claims that when it comes to the impressions that various comedians have done of him over the years, Eugene Levy’s Alex Trebell on SCTV’s “Half Wits” was always his favorite. While it really wasn’t that good, it was probably better than Will Ferrell’s impression on Saturday Night Live’s ridiculous “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketches, because that wasn’t really an impression at all. Truth be told, not many of the performances on that wonderful recurring bit actually qualified for so-called “good” impression status, because they were basically all cartoon characters.

Some of the impressions were pretty good, while others were really awful. The thing about the really awful ones, though, is that some ended up taking on lives of their own and becoming better than actual impressions, because they were so absurd that we couldn’t stop quoting them. That is, of course, how “Celebrity Jeopardy!” became such a huge hit, especially since Norm MacDonald was so wonderful as Burt Reynolds in the beginning.

I’ve met Burt, even shook his hand as he told me a story about how a woman once thanked him “for all of the orgasms,” and while MacDonald’s impression wasn’t spot-on, it wasn’t bad. The rest of these impressions, handpicked from the 14 sketches that I watched earlier today (FOR SCIENCE!), weren’t necessarily as good. In all, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” parodied 30 celebrities – 31 if you count Trebek, but I don’t – and like a lot of the show’s efforts, the cast and writers probably could have tried a little harder, despite the fact that people remember these clips with such fondness.

10) Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery

“My God, man! How can you say that Connery was one of the worst?!?! This is outrageous, I can’t believe that my eyes have read such blasphemy!” Look, we all love the cartoon character that Hammond’s Connery turned into, but it wasn’t a very good impression. Like his Bill Clinton and John Travolta, among others, Hammond took basic attributes of the characters and then gave them new life. That’s not saying he was bad, but Hammond even admitted in “Live from New York” that once Connery became the sketch’s main guy, he was aiming for the ridiculous. We’re lucky that was the case, because as you can see in the first sketch, “accurate” Connery would have gotten old.

9) Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks

Sure, we all love Hanks for who he really is, and if you don’t then you should just go back to your home in the communist country of Dicksylvania, but “Celebrity Jeopardy!” was supposed to be about making fun of other famous people. Celebrity self-awareness had no business being injected into this otherwise charming celebration of stars with their heads up their own asses.

8) Jimmy Fallon as Nic Cage

Fallon’s Nic Cage impression is perhaps better than Andy Samberg’s cartoonish parody, but I believe that no man has the ability to deliver a better caricature of Cage than Cage himself. He is the Alpha and Omega of the craziness that breeds within his own DNA.

7) Lucy Liu as Catherine Zeta-Jones

If I was writing out a report card for Liu’s performance, I guess she’d get a C for being average. But by the time that this sketch aired in Season 26 in 2000, the whole routine was about the animosity between Trebek and Connery, so between that and Fallon’s accurate Robin Williams impression, I don’t think anyone ever really remembered that Liu was in this one.


Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic ‘Jeopardy!’ Bloopers


Getty Image

All this Jeopardy! talk today eventually left me in a YouTube pit of random game show clips that I couldn’t stop watching, because there’s nothing better than a good, old blooper. Jeopardy! bloopers have always been my favorite – with all due respect to my new friends at Family Feud – as any man of average intelligence should take great comfort in watching so-called geniuses fail at answering questions that they’re supposed to know. It’s even better when the contestants are really cocky about it and their mistakes are as simple as not phrasing their answers in the form of a question. Oh Jeopardy!, your quirky rules can be so maddening.

Some of these can be considered bloopers, while others might simply be people serving up wrong answers, but they’re all quite enjoyable, especially when they involve teenagers using profanity. There’s just something about watching teen prodigies swear that makes Alex Trebek’s birthday seem all that more special.

Sometimes the Pressure is Just Too Much

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there who think that this guy’s faint was all a ploy to give him extra time to think up his answer. I normally like to give a random stranger from a long time ago the benefit of the doubt, but I also love stoking the fires of controversy. This dude cheated, you guys.

That Kid Said “F*ck”

I bet this teen was grounded for a long, long time for cursing on national TV, and I hope that he was forced to miss his prom night so he couldn’t be there to be crowned King.

“Who Ice T?”

For what it’s worth, I would pay at least $1,000 to see Gary Busey play Ice T. That would probably be the worst biopic ever produced, but watching Busey rap would be so incredible.

Alex Trebek Doesn’t Even Know His First Show

If I were Trebek, I’d probably be trying to forget something as stupid as The Wizard of Odds, too. Also, I’d never ever shave my mustache, and I’d demand that the government lock me in prison should I ever try.

Ken Jennings has a Dirty Mind

I still don’t understand how this wasn’t later ruled a correct answer.

The Donkey Punch Makes an Appearance

I’d like to take back that $1,000 that I pledged toward an Ice T biopic starring Gary Busey so I can instead pledge it toward having Trebek actually explain to a live studio and TV audience what a donkey punch is. That would be TV Hall of Fame material.

This Lady Likes to Party

I bet a lot of the show’s male viewers were like, “I’ll show you what a threesome is” as they pulled up PornHub and went about their sad evening routines.

The Family Guy Moment

Hey, if your chances are dead and you’ve spent an entire show looking like a chump, there are very few things that you can do. One of them is to give a shoutout to a Family Guy joke so that people will always mention you any time that they write about Jeopardy!’s funniest moments.

Speaking of PornHub

Young lady, you have not only sullied the good names of Teen Jeopardy! and whatever your family’s last name is, but also the Cats & Dogs movie franchise. You need to think more about how you represent yourself and films with corny premises.

This Guy Doesn’t Get it

This might seem like a harmless mistake on an $800 question after he just cleaned out the higher value questions, but this guy would go on to lose in Final Jeopardy! by something like $2. We should be thankful that this guy didn’t go on a murdering spree while shouting, “Answer in the form of a question!”

Point and Laugh at the Stupid Computer!

Sure, Watson is a super computer that is smarter than almost any man and will eventually enslave the entire human race, and yeah, Watson won this game of Jeopardy!. But what kind of Grade A idiot confuses Toronto with Chicago? What an A-hole that stupid computer is. (Please don’t use my body for batteries, Mr. Watson.)

Talk About a Cocky Jackass

This guy Cliff absolutely steamrolled the competition on an older episode of Jeopardy!, but then he really let the success get to his head before he could close it out. Not only did he bet the farm on the final answer and not know it, but he gave one of the most ridiculous answers in the show’s history after he was busted for trying to cheat off the woman next to him. What a jerk.

Leonard Cooper’s Big Win

It’s not a blooper, because it’s Leonard’s walk-off win. Still the greatest moment in Jeopardy! history.

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The Teen Tournament On ‘Jeopardy!’ Ended With A Rare Sudden Death Tiebreaker

teen jeopardy tie


The Teen Tournament is the off-brand cereal to normal Jeopardy!‘s Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but the week-long event, which mercifully ended on Friday, came to an exiting conclusion. After correctly answering the rare Final Jeopardy question that didn’t make me scratch my head like an oaf in a Looney Tunes cartoon, dueling 17 year olds Jeff Xie and Alan Koolik both had $54,200.

“I knew that I had to get the Final Jeopardy! clue right, and when Alan also gave the correct answer, my jaw dropped because I knew we were tied,” said Jeff Xie. “When the tiebreaker category – the Civil War – was announced, I was excited because history is a strength of mine. When I saw ‘Shiloh,’ I knew the answer, and the rest, quite fittingly, was history.” (Via)

“Quite fittingly.” BRING BACK LEONARD.

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Alex Trebek Is Bringing The Mustache Back For The New Season Of ‘Jeopardy!’

Third Annual Franciscan Games

Getty Image

Alex Trebek delivered one of the best quotes of this (or any) year back in May when he said this about his decision to shave off his iconic mustache: “It got so much press, I couldn’t believe it. The wars with Iraq or whatever at that time, and people are all in a stew over my mustache. I have one response: Get a life.” Well, fellow no-life-havers, get ready to get all in a stew again, because THE MUSTACHE IS BACK.

From People’s Stylewatch:

“In 2001, I shaved my mustache on a whim,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “This year I had a two-and-a-half-month period where we were not taping a show, so I grew it back on another whim. I like to keep my life simple.”

That’s right, people. After almost 15 years, Alex Trebek will bring the mustache back for the show’s 31st season, which debuts Monday, September 15. Our long national nightmare is over. Here, look. PROOF.



And apparently I’m not the only one in a stew either, because Jeopardy put together this video of notable past contestants discussing Trebek’s lip caterpillar, which they very sneakily uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, two full days before he announced its official return. I see you, Jeopardy.

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A Contestant On ‘Jeopardy’ Told Perhaps The Stupidest Story In The Show’s History


Things get pretty awkward on Jeopardy when Alex Trebek interviews contestants. It generally follows this sequence:

1) Alex teases a story
2) Contestant spends 30 seconds talking about the time he got stung by a bee at 5th grade camp
3) Alex makes a witty response like, “Did you beehive yourself the rest of the time?”
4) Audience laughs
5) Rinse-repeat

It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. During tonight’s episode, a physics student named Dan Tran told a story about the time he went to France for a student trip.

I’ve transcribed it for you because WHAT IS DAN TALKING ABOUT?!

“So when I was a senior in high school—I took French in high school—we went on an exchange trip and we arrived incredibly jet-lagged, no cappuccino could really save us in that regard. And uh, during an open air tour bus tour in Paris, I looked up and said to my friend ‘hey, you know, the moon looks pretty bright tonight/today’ and um, they just turned to me like ‘Dan, that’s not the moon, that’s the sun.’

‘And I was like, no guys it’s the sun.’ But um, but then you know it turned out it was actually the sun and not the moon and I still confuse it nowadays.”

Dan finished the game as co-champ and will return tomorrow. He’s likely to tell a story about the time he confused a banana and a penis.

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Watch Alex Trebek Say ‘Boogaloo B’ In This Amazing ‘Jeopardy!’ Category About Rapper Names


Is there a rapper named Corn Dogg? How about Ice Berg? On Tuesday night’s episode of Jeopardy!, those wacky and wild writers had a category about rap musicians. It was as great as you’d imagine.

One clue had Alex Trebek saying the words “Boogaloo B.” I would pay serious money to hear him say that every day for the rest of my life. In fact, you know what, that’s my new ring tone. Thanks guys.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Appearance On ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Came Up On ‘Conan’ Last Night


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been acting since he was 7-years-old. Because of this, he isn’t able to hide from the unfortunate haircuts and embarrassing moments of youth like the rest of us can. His youthful sins were recorded and now those moving images rest in the poorly guarded graveyard that is the internet, waiting to be unearthed and mocked.

Footage of JGL’s Catcher in the Rye nerd-out on Celebrity Jeopardy has made the rounds before, but last night he got to relive it on national TV when Conan O’Brien brought it up during their interview as the two playfully mocked Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s dickish dismissiveness of Levitt’s enthusiasm over his favorite book.

Gordon-Levitt even said that Trebek was drunk at the time, but while he quickly played that off as an innocent joke, I have to wonder if he was really just trying to get back at Trebek for his 17-year-old slight.

Let’s talk about the cold truth for a hot second: there isn’t a teenager alive who doesn’t worship Alex Trebek. He’s an icon, and when an icon treats you like a dumb and over-excited kid, that’s a gash to your soul that can’t be stitched up by time.

As for Conan, he has his own history with Trebek, so he has a some understanding of what JGL is going through and you can see that empathy in the margins of their movements and glances as they move on to talk about hitRECord on TV. It’s all very powerful.

Source: YouTube

Stephen Colbert’s Final Sign Off Brought Everything Back Full Circle To ‘The Daily Show’


In what may have been a preemptive strike at The Simpsons, Stephen Colbert’s final Colbert Report sign off closed with a classic Colbert toss back to Jon Stewart, who then closed the show with a nostalgic Moment of Zen.

Did The Colbert Report standalone program even happen? Was it all just one long Daily Show remote? Some questions just don’t have answers. But the answer is yes, of course it happened, because “Stephen Colbert” is immortal and said farewell from the back of Santa’s sleigh alongside Alex Trebek after an all-star singalong to close out his final show.

And in case you missed how he gained immortality, here’s the clip from earlier in the evening. For shame anyone who speculated this great American hero would die in his final show. Death never stood a chance…

Wanna Hear Alex Trebek Read The Lyrics To ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ By Mötley Crüe?


Two preliminary notes:

  • Jeopardy! is in the midst of its annual Teachers’ Tournament
  • One of the categories last night was Hard Rockers, and all of the clues were lyrics to popular songs by famous rock groups

This brings us to the above video, in which Alex Trebek reads the lyrics to “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Mötley Crüe. It’s … it’s kind of incredible. He gives it the full Trebek on the delivery, laying it on extra thick for the last “Girls” in the chorus. I can’t stop watching it. It’s fascinating. Especially when you remember the Trebek profile from last year where we learned that he used to “tool around Hollywood in a Bentley convertible” back in his bachelor days. Imagine Alex Trebek cruising the Sunset Strip blasting Mötley Crüe. IMAGINE IT.

One other thing: That song he’s reciting the lyrics to here? The one with the chorus that stars with “Girls, Girls, Girls”? This is the first verse:

Friday night and I need a fight
My motorcycle and a switchblade knife
Handful of grease in my hair feels right
But what I need to make me tight are…

Please get me a video of Trebek reading this part, too. I will pay handsomely.

‘Final Jeopardy’ Was Very Lonely For This Contestant

Really bad Final Jeopardy


Tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! was very bad. “How bad was it?” It was so bad that even host Alex Trebek admitted, “This was not one of our greatest days.” In fact, only Kristin in the banner image has anything to smile about after this episode, because she was the only contestant who advanced to the Final Jeopardy round. If you’re a casual viewer of the beloved game show wondering how in the brainiest of hells only one contestant advances, it’s really quite simple – the other two contestants had to finish below zero.

Amazingly, this wasn’t the first time that such a feat occurred, as the episode that aired on March 16, 2011 most recently had a contestant flying solo in Final Jeopardy. So how far below zero did the other contestants, Brad and Stephanie, finish on tonight’s episode?

Really bad Final Jeopardy 2


Their faces really say it all. It’s worth pointing out that Brad would have advanced if he’d just left his clicker alone, and Stephanie could have dug herself out of this hole by correctly answering two $2,000 questions. Unfortunately…

So for emphasis, let’s examine her facial expression again…

Really bad Final Jeopardy 3


The only thing missing was Kristin pulling a Cliff Clavin and blowing it all when she had it in the bag. But even Cliff had company in Final Jeopardy. Poor, poor Stephanie. This was certainly not one of her greatest days. For us it was fantastic, but not her.

Two Sports Anchors Have Emerged As Possible Replacements For ‘Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek replacements

Getty Image

Alex Trebek is Jeopardy. The man has been the host of the quiz show for 31 seasons dating all the way back to 1984. But he’s getting up there in age. At 74, his best years are likely behind him, and retirement might come as soon as 2018 when his contract expires.

Sony Pictures has thought about this and secretly assembled a list of possible replacements.

Executives have a mental, if not official, short list of potential successors. The list includes sports radio and television host Dan Patrick; CNN anchor Anderson Cooper; NBC’s “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer; and NBC Sports anchor Josh Elliott.

Dan Patrick makes a lot of sense. He is the host of Sports Jeopardy, a once-a-week show that airs on the Crackle Network. His resume is pretty darn good; he’s done the Olympics for NBC, he’s been an ESPN anchor, and he has his own popular radio show. He’d be a good fit.

So too would Josh Elliott, a lesser-known name that’s been quite versatile in his career as both a sports and news anchor. As Awful Announcing notes, Elliott is much younger than other names on the list, so he could “hold the role for years.”

There are other names floating out there. Trebek himself has mentioned Ken Jennings as a possible successor, but my money’s on Patrick. Just seems like a natural progression.

A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Used Her Intro Time To Invite Alex Trebek To Watch Her DJ


Unless you’re a genius on the level of Ken Jennings or that really lonely contestant, chances are you’ll never end up on Jeopardy!. If you do get to test your intelligence on America’s second-favorite game show, you have to make the best of your time in one of three ways: win, lose spectacularly, or do something that might go viral. Otherwise, you’re just some poor schlub who wasn’t smart enough, and nobody ever remembers those losers. Brooklynite Jill Locascio qualifies for two of those three categories after her appearance on last night’s Jeopardy!, but because she seems cool and admitted that she blew her two-round lead over a basic brain fart, we’ll focus on the third one.

When it came time to introduce herself to Alex Trebek and the world, the academic librarian Locascio plugged her side gig as a DJ in the Williamsburg duo Jack & Jill. She even invited Trebek to come to one of their shows, and his response was… remember that Dave Chappelle bit when he talked about saying, “Peace!” to his white show business lawyers? It was basically that.

Watch Alex Trebek Pull Off A Tremendous ‘Discount Double Check’ For Aaron Rodgers

Alex Trebek

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Sure, we could talk about Aaron Rodgers dominating Celebrity Jeopardy Tuesday night. We could also mention how he won $50,000 for the MACC Fund (a great charity by the way). But no, let’s instead talk about Alex Trebek doing the Discount Double Check. Because yes, that actually happened and yes, it was hilariously awkward.


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That’s a Top 10 Jeopardy moment right there.