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Alex Trebek Saying ‘Dracula’ Is The Perfect Halloween Gift To ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans


For a Jeopardy! contestant, listening to Alex Trebek give answers is, quite literally, the most important thing to do on stage. Knowing the correct thing to say when you use your signaling device is great, sure, but if you’re on stage, you probably know a lot of things. You can’t signal, however, until Trebek stops talking.

Getting that timing down is key, and many past contestants have talked about how important it is to get Trebek’s cadence down. But that also means paying attention to a lot of Trebek’s vocal quirks, including pronouncing a number of key words with accents. That includes, as Alex Jacob pointed out in a hilarious video, the word “Dracula.”

You may remember Jacob as the former Jeopardy! contestant who broke your brain with a video compiling all the times Trebek said “genre,” which is likely different than you’d think. And just in time for Halloween, Jacob dropped another compilation on Twitter Thursday night: one highlighting all the times he’s attempted a Transylvanian accent and talked about Dracula.

Whether the actual answer was Vlad the Impaler, which the legend was based on, or the Bram Stroker novel itself, Trebek seems to take every possible chance to break out a fangified “Dracula.” It’s funny to see it all in one go here, but Trebek’s accent is actually pretty good.

What we’re missing, of course, is Trebek actually dressed as Dracula. But maybe we’ll get that next season.

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