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Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of ‘Jeopardy!’ With 10 Of Its Funniest (And Weirdest) Moments

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Jeopardy! celebrated its 50th birthday this week. That’s 50 years of Daily Doubles, 50 years of awkward small talk with the contestants and 50 years of blurting out nonsense answers at home. (Don’t act like you’re not guilty of it. Whom among us doesn’t love taking a wild guess about Babylonian architecture?)

When you have a rotating lineup of people testing their trivia chops each night there’s bound to be awkward moments along the way. Just in the last few weeks we’ve seen a guy miss probably the most obvious sports question of all time, a man accuse Alex Trebek of wearing slave labor clothing and one of the oddest contestants in the show’s recent history.

Thanks to the power of YouTube we’re able to relive some of those magical/awkward-as-hell Jeopardy! moments and here are 10 of our favorites. Feel free to add your own “suck it, Trebek” at the end of each clip.

1. Threesome

If there’s an inner-circle of Jeopardy! groupies, Kara is most definitely their queen.

2. Bane Impression

A wise man never passes up the chance to do his Bane impression on national television.

3. Furry Pussy

We’ve all gotten a little confused about our Bond girls with sexually suggestive names before, right?

4. Contestant Faints

The power of Trebek’s mustache in its 1980s heyday was just too much for some people to handle.

5. Kebert Xela

I want to believe that Jarred’s only reason for even going on the show was to work in his Family Guy joke.

6. “Are you alright?”

You can almost feel Trebek’s disdain for this man.

7. Insensitive Alex Trebek

Hey, don’t bring up your dead pygmy goat if you don’t want Trebek to make fun of it.

8. Sean Connery

There is Ken Jennings, Arthur Chu and then there is this man.

9. Orphan Graveyard

And #239 on the list of things to never to bring up on a first date: orphan graveyards.

10. Donkey Punch

It might have been the wrong answer for Jeopardy!, but it was the correct answer for the internet.

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