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Alex Trebek Discovers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Love Of Vintage Porn


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar X-Rated Jeopardy

In the most embarrassing moment to happen to him since he tried to teach Jesse Katsopolis how to play basketball, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was scolded by ‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek for asking “What is X” when the question we were looking for was “what is G, you old creep”. Apparently Jeopardy is a family show, and “what is the back of Linda Lovelace’s throat” has never been an answer. Who knew?

You can check out video of the moment below, and don’t worry, it wasn’t shot on 8 MM film.

I wish Kareem had gone full-on seventies horror with his answer and asked, “what is us going out into the woods with our Super 8 to gut a bunch of animals and pretend to graphically rape a lady for 20 minutes”. I’d like to see what kind of smug retort Trebek had for THAT one.

Better yet, let’s bring Ken Jennings back on and ask him about nothing but Brazzers ads, whether or not the pop-ups that look like chat windows are real people trying to find singles in their area and why Gianna Michaels won’t stop talking and spitting on people. I can’t decide if he’d nervously squirm or ace it.

[h/t Guyism]

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